Opera Protocol is Transforming Token Launches through LP Funding

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4 min readJul 10, 2023


Opera Protocol’s foray into web3 liquidity pool funding is making waves among developers, lenders, and holders alike, with borrowers not needing to pledge any collateral.

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained recent traction within the financial sector through the growing popularity of web3 in public consciousness. However, this growth has not been without its obstacles — such as the reticence of many investors to take part in low MC projects due to high price volatility. Whilst a number of cryptocurrency participants are undoubtedly accustomed to price fluctuations, not all are aware of the potential threat posed by the liquidity risk that new cryptocurrency projects often face.

For example, constant fluctuations in price complicate borrowing, as the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies can make repayment obligations hard to determine. Consequently, developers, builders, low MC investors and DAO enthusiasts often grapple with the inadequacy or complete absence of liquidity pools necessary for the healthy growth of novel crypto projects. Yet, sufficient liquidity is of course a crucial factor, empowering users to swiftly transfer their funds in and out of digital exchanges as needed. Fortunately a new, specialized platform has arrived, one that boasts a number of unique features that will help address this issue, whilst it moves towards its aim of becoming the preferred lending platform for developers, builders and DAO participants. Its name?

Opera Protocol.

Understanding Opera Protocol

Opera Protocol is a specialized lending DAO platform that simplifies the process for developers and builders to “get liquid” and fund their liquidity pools (LPs) in a secure and permissionless manner. This, in turn, facilitates the swift launch of new projects across various blockchains without delay. Put simply, these startups can fund their LPs with ETH, without the necessity of providing collateral, giving them a far higher chance of long-term success. Additionally — backed by the $OPERA token –participating holders can stake their assets through the DAO to provide liquidity to new tokens,(effectively becoming lenders) and thereby earning a passive percentage of trading fees, completely risk-free. A win-win scenario for all.

Building a Robust Foundation for Liquidity Pool Funding

Traditional liquidity providers often mandate that borrowers must secure their funds — however, despite the often high-value benefits offered by locking their assets into a liquidity pool for a specific timeframe, this model can pose significant risks, such as substantial losses if the tokens’ price plummets, or the project folds whilst they are still staked.

To offset such risks, Opera allows borrowers (predominantly developers and builders) to add liquidity to their LPs at virtually zero cost — essentially like an uncollateralized flash-loan with an indefinite time horizon. This is facilitated by borrowing from Opera Protocol’s DAO to utilize in their token while only incurring the associated gas fee.

To safeguard lenders from rug-pulls and other malicious bad actors, Opera secures lenders’ funds via the upfront premium paid by developers for capital access to the platform itself. Furthermore, upon successful deployment of a new token with Opera’s liquidity assistance, lenders receive a percentage of what the project refers to as a “small transaction tax,” paid by developers.

Opera Protocol’s Extended Features

Apart from catering to developers and builders (borrowers), Opera is designed to benefit lenders willing to allocate their tokens to borrowers on the platform, and for individuals interested in engaging in other features — such as holding, staking, and voting through the DAO system. Notably, a user can play all three roles (borrower, lender, and holder) simultaneously — a first ever in its class.

Opera’s dynamic, dedicated and comprehensive site enables anyone to act as a borrower, lender, or holder easily. In addition — due to the governance being DAO bases, holders actually influence the protocol’s future direction by voting on key issues, making them not just holders, but meaningful decision-making members of the entire project. This is only made possible through Opera Protocol’s decentralized platform, ensuring distributed ownership of the protocol.

Empowered by $OPERA Token

Not only does Opera’s governance token — $OPERA — allow stakeholders to become valuable participants of the protocol (as well as make decentralized decisions as a group) but it also allows them to earn passively for their efforts. The token is accessible (but not investable in the traditional sense) on multiple chains beyond its native Ethereum, a deliberate strategy that allows the project to target a broader user-base within the DeFi ecosystem and attract them to the project. (Simply put, the larger the number of members into the DAO and using the token for governance, the more valuable the project gets, benefiting the Opera Protocol community and all associated projects by extension). Overall, $OPERA serves a key utility, and can continue to evolve as the project grows, allowing further utilities to be retrospectively employed.

Charting the Future of Liquidity Provision: Opera Protocol’s Prospective Path

The escalating demand for liquidity from new crypto projects — either meme or utility-based — as well as investor apprehension, has led to a growing necessity for improved borrowing and lending opportunities to facilitate the launch of new tokens; and this is where Operal Protocol shines.

Boasting a robust community of users, genuine decentralization, and consistent growth, the DAO-regulated company is emerging as a profitable liquidity bank for developers on the Ethereum network. By extending the range of liquidity pool funding, the DeFi-focused protocol is offering unparalleled services to those eager to borrow to launch their new ventures, and for those keen to earn passively for supporting them. As such, Opera is poised to totally transform the launch methodology of new projects through bringing an end to their liquidity woes, and — by extension — creating a bright future for itself and its community.



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